"Walk In The Light" Bible Study Journal PRINTABLE

"Walk In The Light" Bible Study Journal PRINTABLE


Walk In The Light by Amanda Rose is a Bible study journal that goes through John's three letters - 1 John, 2 John & 3 John.

In 1 day you
read 1 chapter, 
answer 1 question, 
copy 1 passage, 
and write 1 prayer.

Note: The original Bible study journal is printed on thick paper so that you can get artsy (if you like!) and use gel pens or even paint with watercolors. It is ring bound so you can open the pages all the way for ease and don't have to worry about ink smudging. *However, this is a digital printable file and the weight of the paper you print on may alter its use. I recommend printing back to back on card stock, three whole punching the paper, and placing in a binder.*

The 22 page journal is intended for personal study but they could easily be used in a small group that is looking for a brief Bible study. Perhaps between co-workers during a lunch break? Or friends that meet up weekly at a cafe?

No matter how you use our journals they get you in the Word and lead you to pray deep from the text. Amanda created an acronym from the word PRAY to help guide your prayers:

P - Praise. Praise God for who he is and for his promises.

R - Repent. Confess sins, especially those from the text.

A - Affirmation. You are forgiven. Do you need to forgive

Y - Yearn. Tell God your desires. What do you need? others?

We hope our Bible study journals will be a blessing to you as you meditate on God's Word and come back to them over time as a keepsake.

"God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." 1 John 1:5b

*** $8 is for the purchase of a single digital printable. If you would like to print additional Bible studies you must pay per copy. We trust you to use the honor system and not make copies without paying. The digital printable link is available for 24 hours. ***


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