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Would you like one of the Holy Hen House bloggers to speak at an upcoming event? We would love to work with you! For more information view our SPEAKING page. 


There might be other "hens" throughout the world that would like to reach out for advice, comfort, prayers, etc. without posting a public comment, especially with intimate subject matter. Your email and content will be kept completely confidential. Please, if you have something weighing heavy on your heart send an anonymous message to Henrietta below: 


We contact different mentors of the faith and share them with our readers. Is there a woman that you know whose story would encourage others? If so, please send their contact information to Amanda is the editor for Mentor Mondays and looks forward to chatting and hearing each unique woman's story.


Do you have devotion styled writing that you would like to share with our readers at Holy Hen House?
Please fill out the contact form at the top or email We like to collaborate and perhaps feature YOU as guest writer!


The extra time that we invest blogging at Holy Hen House often happens late at night when there are plenty of other things to do but yet we choose to write. Our motivation comes from the deepest places of our hearts. Why? Because we need just as much of the encouragement that we are trying to send to you. We love the community of hens that make up our readership. When we share a bible passage, a tidbit about our faith, a picture, a recipe, or even a comment on our Facebook page... we are reaching into thousands of homes every week to bless other women who may feel alone in their walk of faith. We are not alone. We are mutually encouraged. This is why we blog.

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