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Watermelon Wrangling

Summer is in full bloom around these ol' parts of Wisconsin, and we sure like to soak up these sunshine rays and warmth while we have them. Too bad we couldn't save them for January 15th when I feel like you really need a pick-me-up! Alas, I do not have a way to do that, but I do have a way to enjoy a teeny bit more of the sunshine! A couple years ago my sister taught me how to cut up a watermelon. She actually learned it at a country club she worked at, and she in turn has been enlightening friends and family with this amazing skill ever since. Of course everyone has their own way to cut up just about everything, but most people I feel like really struggle with the melons. No matter how you slice it, it seems to take forever! Am I right? If you were floundering like I was, you were slicing big hunks and then having to cut the rind off of each piece. Nearly an hour of your precious summer is gone already, and we haven't even gotten a bite yet! I'll admit that I do exaggerate somewhat, but I do know that I used to loathe cutting up melons. And now I don't! AND now it takes mere minutes.

Think it's too good to be true? It's not.


Begin with a delicious melon of your choice that you wish to devour. My method of finding ripe watermelons is to knock on them. I usually try to find the most hollow one I can that doesn't have any huge bruises on the outside. Truthfully, I think it just needs to be watermelon season. Farmer's markets are golden--the best melons you can find are there. Plan on cutting into those a day or two after you buy them because they are picked when they are ripe, unlike grocery stores.

Anyways, begin with your whole melon. I recommend washing it to prevent dirt and bacteria getting on the knife which will in turn get on every slice you cut. That being said, I have a watermelon bursting out of my abdomen right now so I don't usually bother with that step. :) With the belly buttons on either side, cut the melon in half down the center.


Next turn one half of the melon onto its cut side.


Slice down the sides of the melon, essentially peeling the rind off with your knife. Do this around the entire melon. Don't worry about the top part, we will get that next.


Now slice off the top hat!


Easy peasy! Now you can slice it however you choose. I typically slice 1 inch slices vertically through the entire piece. Then flip half of those on their sides and cut 1 inch slices vertically. Then turn 90 degrees and cut 1 inch slices vertically again to form cubes.


Then just repeat for the other half of the melon! Once you get the hang of this, it really only take minutes. More time to spend gobbling it up and wiping our (or our little ones) chins!

Enjoy with or without your own personal abdominal watermelon.


Are you a seedless or a seeded watermelon type of person? Just a fun tip--oxiclean is the best thing I've found for getting out watermelon stains! Happy summer!





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A Chat with Stephanie B

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