Top 5 HHH Posts Of 2014



1. I Want Kids

"Are you letting the Lord plan out and build your house or have you already written out the blueprints and timetable and are now just bringing them to him, asking for his stamp of approval and blessing?"




2. Stop Exercising

"I am a fitness professional. I earn my income primarily by encouraging others to exercise. Why would I tell you to stop? What new research has been done? What myths have been proven? What new theories have been tested to make me type such a thing?"




3. #31reasonsilovemyhusband

"Prior to this challenge I posed for myself, I regularly found myself thinking negatively about him and complaining about what he does and how he acts, and what I wished he would do. But once I started focusing on what I loved about him, God changed me. Really."




4. You've Got Your Hands Full

"When I only had our son and daughter, I would head to the grocery store and hear positive “oohs” and “ahhs” and “what a beautiful family”. But as our family has grown through foster care and as we wait the arrival of our fourth child, those comments are all but gone."




5. My Mom Jeans

"I finally did it. I finally bought myself a pair of mom jeans.

You know, the kind of jeans you laughed about in high school. The ones you said you would never wear."






We are looking forward to what is in store for 2015!

What topics or posts would you like us to write this coming year?

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