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The Swimsuit Issue

The Swimsuit Issue

  Swimsuit Issue 2

Oh, do I love this summer sun! I’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks poolside in the mornings as my little ones attempt to overcome their fear of water in swim lessons. As they spend quality time attempting to float and maneuver kick boards around, I’m contemplating swimsuit styles and which modest style I’d like to try this season. Have you seen the retro styles out there? I LOVE them. So adorable.

When it comes to design and style, I usually say less is more. While this is a tried and true guideline in architecture and graphic design, I depart from the rule when it comes to swimsuits. More is more. More fabric is good - ok, within reason. I wouldn’t really want to swim in fabric from head to toe. There’s a balance there, and it can be found with all the style options out there. I’ve sketched some of the suit features I’ve been seeing that have both great style and a healthy amount of modesty. Watch stores for the following cuteness.

Suit A


This is one of those adorable retro styles I've seen in several shops. The neckline is modest, with cute wide straps for support. Ruching is the word for those gathers, ruffles, or pleats that give an overall texture and help give a smooth shape. It's a very forgiving look - and cute. The boyshort bottoms always help cover up.

Suit B

This is pretty much the suit that I wear. Having a two piece suit is the most practical for me, and I like to mix and match the pieces. Plus, it gives me all of the cover up I like. Side note: I also wear the hat since my nose keeps getting sun burned despite my best sunscreen efforts.

Suit C

Speaking of sun burns, the rash covers are brilliant for extra protection and coverage. I have one for my daughter. It protects her shoulders and offers fantastic modesty. Hers has a hippo on the front, making it a favorite. They come in sleeveless, short sleeved, and long sleeved options. I usually see the rash cover paired with boyshorts or a standard bikini bottom. This is probably more practical than lots of ruffles and skirts if you like to spend time in the water more than time in the sun. Thank you to the surfer community for this look, practical for all ages.

Suit D

This is another cute retro style that features some extra fabric and ruffles. When the suits aren't skin tight, they look like a little outfit. How would you accessorize this swim dress?

Suit E

Some suits have halter designs with nice high necklines. That's a fun option. The dark blue or black color can look "hot" on all body types, but can also feel hot if you swim somewhere with intense sun.

I’ve seen modest and vintage styles available in quite a few stores (especially online), including ModCloth, Target, Lands End, and Anthropologie. ModCloth has suits in tons of sizes, which is brilliant. I know swimwear can be pricey, but often times, the nicer suits have more structure and keep everything where you need it to be. Might be worth the investment. I like to watch high quality sites for clearance during the winter.

Get out and enjoy that summer beach time! Happy swimming, sisters.

What are your favorite suit types?


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