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The Breakfast Club, Part One

I am always fascinated when I go to the grocery store and peruse down the cereal aisle. There are so many cereals to choose from. You can find bunches of oats, flakes made of bran (with and without raisins), puffs of every kind of grain, fruity things, chocolatey things, tiny cookies, and even marshmallows. Despite the nearly a million options, I have a hard time finding a healthy cereal that doesn't taste similar to packing peanuts or cardboard and actually keeps me full for longer than two measly hours. I am not a happy person if my tummy has the rumbles at 9:30.  Furthermore, the ingredient lists on a large number of these cereals are fairly long (especially for what they claim to be.) AND if I do find that lucky one that isn't packing peanutesque, I usually have to pay part of my right leg for it. Because of these reasons, about a year ago I started eating traditional old-fashioned rolled oats for breakfast. After I found a way to make myself choke the oatmeal down without gagging, I was golden. (If you are wondering, it's totally a texture thing. I helped that by adding banana, raisins, and nuts to break up the gooeyness.) Although I have been living in my golden breakfast glory, my poor hubby continues to pour his cereal and milk every morning. Despite much encouragement and subtle (and not so subtle) comments about the cost of his cereal, I can't seem to teach that dog a new trick...er..breakfast, rather. So of course in line with my determination to simplify the ingredients in our diets, complicate my life, and save a few pennies here and there, I decided to try my hand at making some cereal. It was surprisingly simple, tasty, and fairly quick.


This recipe is for something called muesli. I got my recipe from Easy Peasy Organic.  It's basically oats mixed with whatever you want.  I did find a number of recipes that just mixed raw oats, nuts, and whatever else and served it with milk or yogurt. I chose a recipe that was toasted, because I prefer a toasted oat over a raw oat. I mixed in some chopped pecans, walnuts, and almonds along with a scoop of flax seed, cinnamon, vanilla extract, a spoonful of brown sugar, olive oil, and a combo of honey and maple syrup. The sky is the limit on additions. Any combination of nut, seasonings, sweeteners, or dried fruit will work. You can serve this with yogurt or milk. Use your imagination. Use the scraps left in your cupboard. You can't do wrong, and you won't be disappointed!

Directions are to mix together your ingredients of choice. Spread on a jelly roll pan. Toast at 275 degrees for 20 minutes stirring every five minutes.


Allow to cool. The oats will crisp some while they cool.


Pour into a bowl, add milk and fruit, and chow down! (See, I told you it was easy!)


 Muesli Recipe jpg

Are you also appalled at the sky rocketing price of cereal these days? How do you switch up your breakfast routine? Feeling like you may join the club and toast up some muesli? Please share!



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