The Mundane of Motherhood

It's that time of year, again. The holidays are over. The snow has fallen one too many times. The days are dreary, cold, and windy. Winter really gets to be old.

Is motherhood like that for you sometimes?

Your marriage is challenged. Your children have fought one too many times for your patience today. The days are long, long, and long.

Motherhood really gets to be... mundane sometimes, doesn't it? Especially in winter.

I get so tired of the same thing. Fighting toddlers, preparing lunch, cleaning up from lunch, wiping noses, changing diapers, wiping tiny tushes, washing all the laundry, preparing dinner that nobody wants to eat, whining and crying, searching for lost things, etc. This mundane mothering stuff just gets old.

Come February, in the middle of what always feels like an eternal winter, I need a little reminder. Or maybe a slap in the face.

Just like winter isn't just about cold and snow and ice, motherhood isn't just about the monotony of the daily things.

The cold of winter provides peace and tranquility.

mundane motherhood 1

The snow gives us softness for all our rough edges.

mundane motherhood

The ice gives us interesting art on our adventures.

mundane motherhood 3

Winter can be and is beautiful.

There is joy when seeing my two littles play together. There is love when my son leans in for a "kiss" or when my daughter asks for a hug. There is laughter when my daughter tickles her brother. There is happiness when making giant messes in the kitchen.

I am proud when my daughter says prayers from memory. I am giddy when I see my son dancing to hymns. I am delighted when my daughter wants to play church.

I am so blessed.

While being a mother can feel monotonous a lot of the time, I need to remind myself of how important my job is. I get to raise my children to know and love Jesus! That is an incredible blessing, an important challenge, and a great responsibility. And it certainly isn't mundane.

Proverbs 6:22, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Thanks to my wonderful sister, Jackie Tetzloff, for her artwork for this blog post. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, you can follow her on instagram @JLTETZLOFF


embracing winter

winter1 Winter stretches long into a string of gray and bitter cold days and leaves us all feeling a bit weary. It can be oh so easy to slip low into the blues and when they hit, it is hard to turn that frown upside down.

Believe me, I get it. I live in Michigan. (*smile*) Thanks to the lake-effect, it snows here nearly every day. The white stuff piled high on each side of our driveway towers over my husband’s tall frame. School cancellations are in the double digits. We are cooped up for days at a time.


While the bleak skies and slick roads can really do a number on my mood, I’ve been thinking more and more about the wonders of winter. The beauty that it holds. This season, created and made lovely by our kind, gracious Lord, has so much to offer. I don’t want to miss it. Any of it. Wishing away this season is not an option.

Winter invites us to give into the pull to linger and enjoy this time of rest and calm. So I embrace it. Full on. All of it. With a thankful heart.

I cozy up under a heavy blanket, a stack of reads beside me and a warm cup in my hands. Candles are lit and green life in little pots is placed here and there. I pull on thick sweaters and socks, twirl scarves around my neck to take walks with my boys. Breathing in deep, the fresh air fills my lungs and clears my mind. We follow deer tracks through the backyard and look in awe at the blue sky contrast against the glimmering white snow. The giggles and squeals of sledders reaches my window. I stand at the stove and stir, the steam rising high and then I putter around the house in slippers, creating this and organizing that. Fluffing our little nest brings me joy and I’m grateful for these long days at home to do just that.

Winter is seen with new eyes and it is wonder full.



So friends, I know that this cold season is loooong, but let’s chase those blues far, far away and chat right now only about the good stuff. What are your very favorite things about winter? What about it makes your heart sing? We’d all love to hear and be encouraged. Share away!