Finding Rest in Your To Do List

Do you ever make yourself a to do list?

I like to make them sometimes I think purely for the satisfaction of crossing things off and seeing how productive I've been during the day. It gives me motivation to stay organized and to continue tackling all the different tasks from day to day. I don't make them everyday, but mostly on days when I feel like my brain can't remember anything or when I need an extra kick in the pants to get started. 

Is your to-do list never ending, like mine? 

I often feel a little overwhelmed when writing my list. How am I going to get all these things done with my kids creating disasters right and left at the same time or between shuffling my kiddo to 4K and back or if I want to spend any quality time with my family at all? Perhaps you have the same problem -- not enough time with too many tasks.

What if I told you to add just one (or maybe even a couple) more things to that list.


Hear me out... or read me out or whatever. 

When our to do lists are too long and our lives are nonstop, these are the times we need to take time to pause. 

Time for rest and rejuvenation.

Sometimes you need just a little time for you -- to refill your cup before pouring yourself out again for others. A little reset or recharge time when you are just. so. done

So here are just a couple ideas to reset. You'll notice in my list that I am doubling up the "task" with both a spiritual side and a personal side. When I make time for my spiritual needs, I always feel more rested and ready to tackle the world. I've tried relying solely on myself before (and I'm sure I'll try again), but it never ends well. I become overwhelmed easily. I lose sight of what really matters in life, and it's not peeling the carrots, folding the laundry, or scrubbing the toilets. Centering on Christ and what He has done for me gives me better focus and motivation. 

So my challenge for you is to do one (or more) of these this week. They're totally simple, don't worry. See if it improves your outlook, boosts your mood, and brings you closer to Him.

1.) Grab yourself some coffee or tea -- whether this be a fancy splurge at Collectivo or out of your favorite mug at home. Open your Bible and read. (Best to enjoy this without children present so the beverage can be enjoyed while warm, but hey, if that's not possible you can always zap it in the microwave!) 

2.) Go for a walk or a run with or without your children. Take note of all the beautiful things with the changing seasons. Point out all of God's blessings to your kids. Talk about what you are thankful for. If you are solo, listen to last week's sermon or a podcast or some Christian tunes. 

3.) Do something for someone else. I find when I take time to do something for someone else, I feel so much better myself. Send a postcard to a friend (or even just a text). Make a meal for a family you know. Donate. While you do it, pray for that person. 

Let us know how you do! Have more simple suggestions to share? Let us know!

Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

On the Road: Organized Bohemian

On the Road Organized Bohemian “You know, you two are a bit bohemian anyway,” she told me.

“Oh no, totally settled conventional suburban mom, that’s me,” I thought to myself. Sometimes those that love us know us better than we really know ourselves. I found out later that she was right. While I found familiarity and repetition comforting, God had another plan that moved our family of five a thousand miles - and we loved it. I had forgotten how inspiring it is to see another corner of God’s creation, and to learn how others approach life.

Should you find yourself on an unconventional or surprising path, out of your comfort zone and on the road, it’s ok. I remember this.

“The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8

Knowing that, we can relax and enjoy the journey. If you are like me, you also enjoy the planning.

So, what happens when an organization lover and explorer mesh together in one person? A travel binder! I hope you don’t mind - I’ve put together my favorite printable to-do list for your use. I intend this for your next move or your next adventure, but if you would rather take it to the Piggly Wiggly for groceries, I won’t stop you. Honestly, that can be an adventure, too.

click to print to do

Print several sheets of the to-do list. Three hole punch them and put them in a binder. The possibilities are endless, but I often use these categories:

  1. weekly to-do lists for scheduling out moving prep (when to switch utilities, forward the mail, book the truck, move things to storage, clean the oven, return library books, etc.)
  2. lists of things I will donate or sell before the move
  3. lists of things to go in the first box to be opened, last box to be sealed
  4. pre-travel shopping lists
  5. categorized lists of vacation activities
  6. categorized vacation packing lists (to-eat, to-sleep, to-play, in the car, etc.)

I also include folders in the binder for important documents such as lease information, hotel reservations, travel guides, maps, and information I cannot lose while traveling. The binder stays with me in the front of the car, and all my important stuff is in that one spot.

travel binder

With quite a bit of time on the road in my future, I plan to write several posts in this new On the Road series.

Where are you planning to travel?