His Mercies are New Every Morning

Did you make any goals for the New Year?

I made a few-- some of them more important than others. The most crucial goal for me is "Get Organized." I waste far too much time on things that don't deserve it. I also forget so many things, especially related to school and my daughter is only in 4K. She doesn't even go to school five days a week yet. I decided that I need a plan of action. Things will only get busier around here as the children grow and get involved in activities, not to mention I have my own schedule with deadlines to meet. I need to get this figured out, and the time is now! So I bought myself a bulletin board, a fancy, pretty planner, and a calendar that makes me laugh when I look at it. (Maybe you caught my Instagram post last week.) I've pinned my daughters school notes up on my bulletin board. I've filled out some to-do lists and my weekly goals in my planner. I've noted our schedule on our chicken calendar. 

Don't you love that feeling?

That feeling of a fresh start. 

Now you obviously don't need to wait for a new year to start accomplishing new goals and making changes in your life, but a new year lends itself to making the process easier. You're able to put the old year behind you. Forget about what didn't work. Forget about the mistakes. You are starting with a clean slate. It is a new year after all. 

Among my thoughts of a newly organized life, the books I want to read, the exercise I want to pursue, and so forth, I couldn't help but think of how lucky we are as children of God. We get a fresh start every. single. morning.

So when you are feeling down on your day (or your year even), take a moment to remember just that. God has forgiven you. He has forgiven you when you lack trust in Him. He has forgiven you when you missed the opportunity to witness. He has forgiven you when you got unjustly angry with your children or spouse. In fact, no matter what horrible things you managed to do today, he has forgiven you. 

That fresh start feeling doesn't have to fade away. 

Lamentations 3:22-23: "The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." 

let this be the whisper of your heart

spirit lead me hhh 2014 is here and that can only mean that over the last week most of us have wondered What this year will bring?

If only we could peer into the pretty, shiny ornaments of the Christmas season and see a glimpse of what 2014 has in store for us. Will we be happy? Healthy? Will we meet our goals? Or fail? Will there be heartbreak? Will our dreams come true?

Dear ones, there is only one answer to each of those questions and it’s not yes or no or maybe.

The answer is Jesus.

The One who has already seen every moment of the upcoming year, invites you to trust in Him as He takes you by the hand and leads you forward.

Don’t pull away. Don’t allow doubt to take over or let fear paralyze you. Don’t stumble around when there is Someone to hold onto. Loosen your death grip on control and fall into the arms of the One who will carry you. Whether you’re sorting through little things or facing big scary giants, let the whisper of your heart be a constant I trust you, Jesus.

Every moment, every day, with everything and everyone.

Let the words tumble around in your heart and then slide off your tongue. Say it out loud.

In the kitchen with toddlers crying at your feet. When you’re sitting at the doctor’s office. In the car driving down icy roads. When you send your 1st grader off on the bus. When you’re waiting for the phone call. In bed when you’re rehashing the day. When you pen your hopes and goals for 2014.

I trust you, Jesus.

There is freedom and comfort and rest in those words.

Because no matter what the days of this year will bring, we can trust that He is by our side.

He is our soft place to land. He is here through the joy and the hard.

Watch and see where He takes you, what He will do through you.

What will this year bring? 

We can't look into a shiny ball and get the answer. But we can look to Him.

I trust you, Jesus. 

Happy New Year, friends! He's got this.


*The Spirit Lead Me print can be found from Naptimes Diaries here. It's beautiful and free!



Top 5 HHH Posts Of 2013!

2014 is about to welcome us and I have done some reflecting over the past year writing for Holy Hen House. What a privilege it has been to write for you and be part of such a grace filled group made up of these women!


Besides caring for our families - four babies were born to three of us and there are more to come, hosting our first workshop, meeting some incredible mentors of faith and communicating as a group how to organize and adapt to our readers... we have written over 280 posts in one year and we'd like to share the top five that were viewed and shared by you! Click on the titles or pictures to open each blog post. 

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10 ways to bless hhh 3. Two  // Mel's story of becoming a mommy not once but twice to identical twins.


4. Grief to Glory Series On Miscarriage and Baby Loss // an introduction can be read here Grace-2128

If you have miscarried a baby you may find comfort by reading Grief to Glory: Part Two // Carried Through Miscarriage. If you have loss the life of a baby the story of baby Simeon’s life is shared in Grief to Glory: Part Three // Lifted through Baby Loss. Also, baby Grace’s life is shared in Grief to Glory: Part Four // Breathtaking Grace.

5. (Somewhat Healthy) Granola Bars


What topics or posts would you like us to write this coming year? AmandaSignature