Recipe Round Up: January


Do you follow us on Pinterest? If not, you should! I recently added a new board of Round Up Recipes. All the recipes I list on my Round Up posts are linked there so you can quickly look them up, re-pin them to your own boards, and easily try them out!

january roundup 1

ONE.) Potato Bread Perfect for Toasting. I have made this bread many, many times and love it so much. I use my bread maker, so it is super easy to whip up. It is also convenient because it makes two small loaves. I usually use one and pre-slice the other and throw it in the freezer. I have made a few adjustments to the recipe -- I use 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water instead of plain water and omit the dry milk powder that the recipe calls for. Also, instead of regular potatoes, I use sweet potato for a little more nutrition (and I like that it's a teeny bit orange). Finally, I replace 1 cup of the regular flour with white whole wheat flour. We use this for peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese or any grilled sandwich, and french toast, or just sliced with butter. It's delicious!

january roundup 2

TWO.) Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, Lightened Up. This recipe is a little more work than my usual muffin recipes, but was worth that added effort for sure! The recipe makes 24 muffins, not 12, which is nice in case you want to freeze these. I liked that they had a little pizazz with the sneaky cream cheese center, so I felt a little fancy bringing them to Bible study. :)

january roundup 3

THREE.) Roasted Butternut Squash Bacon Soup. Bacon and butternut squash together is amazing. To me, they don't seem like likely companions, but I guess you really can never go wrong when it comes to bacon. This recipe was excellent! I did add a carrot the second time I made it along with cutting the thyme a teeny bit and adding a couple shakes of cinnamon-- I feel like the cinnamon added a little more depth to the overall flavor. Also, I wasn't a fan of the goat cheese on top, but I am not a fan of goat cheese to begin with. Feta probably would be good substitute.

january roundup 4

FOUR.) Baked Oatmeal with Fruit.  I was looking for a new baked oatmeal recipe-- one that was a bit easier than the last one I had been using and less wasteful. The previous one made too large of a pan for my little family, used egg whites only (I hate separating egg for no real reason!), and used up a ton of a milk. This recipe makes a smaller pan (my family of 3.5 eaters finished it in one sitting), uses one full egg, and only one cup of milk. I didn't make any changes to this recipe, although depending on the sweetness of the berries/banana that you use, 1/4 cup of maple syrup could be reduced a little. We served with a side of homemade yogurt.

Have any recipes you'd like to share? Please comment with the link!




Recipe Roundup: November

I'm back with another hodge podge of recipes to share with you this month. There really isn't a theme to these recipes, just a bunch I've tried and loved and wanted to share. Hope you will give them a glance! 1.) Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling. This is kind of a strange frosting recipe-- you actually cook flour and milk first and use granulated sugar instead of confectioner's, but it's worth the hassle. When I make this (for birthday parties usually), I cook the flour/milk portion and refrigerate overnight. Then I make the frosting the day of but have that step done already so it's pretty quick. It's amazing-- super light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet. I am pretty sure I ate an entire bowl of it plain the last time I made it.

november roundup 1

2.) Perfectly Chocolate Cupcakes. I will confess that I have actually never eaten this. I don't like chocolate cake, or much of chocolate anything, but my family (tiny ones included) rave about these.

november round up 2

3.) Chicken Tortilla Soup. I was alerted to this recipe by one of my best friends, who was on a year long search for the best chicken tortilla soup recipe. This is definitely it! I added chopped red and yellow pepper in with the onion because I had it in the fridge. It also makes a pretty big batch so expect leftovers (which reheat well!)

november round up 5

4) Homemade Larabars. I just recently started making these after visiting one of my BFF's from college. They are so stinking easy and delicious, and healthy too! We've tried the chocolate brownie, gingerbread, cappuccino, and oatmeal raisin cookie. My toddler asks for one for dessert, as you see her snitching during my photo session...

november round up 3

5.) Homemade Tortillas. This is an oldie, but still a goodie! I continue to regularly make tortillas from scratch over here. I have used combinations of white whole wheat flour and regular flour with success. I have also recently switched to using melted coconut oil instead of olive or canola oil with great results. I often double the batch and freeze a portion for a meal at a later time. You should absolutely try this! Except,  you may never go back to buying them.

Hope you enjoyed this month's edition of Recipe Round up! Have any recipes to share? I'm always looking for a new one to try! Comment with the link, please!


March's "Mmm-mmm" Marvelous Meals!



Click on the photo or here to view and print the recipes.

You will notice that most of the recipes featured at HHH have fresh herbs and ingredients listed. Using fresh ingredients can take a meal from being meh... to mmm-mmm marvelous! You may have seen the bulbs of garlic, the ginger roots, or fresh herbs at the grocery store and passed them by. Let me cheer you on and encourage you to try them! The burst of flavor in your meal will be the greatest reward. In all honesty it may add an extra minute to your cooking time but overall the investment is worth it.


Below are some simple ways that I cook with these ingredients.

  • Storing -
    • Garlic: in the cupboard in a small bowl. I grab a clove when I need and return the bulb as it has a long shelf life.
    • Herbs: wrapped in slightly wet paper towels in a plastic gallon bag and placed in my refrigerator's crisper. You can read other ways of storing herbs here. I know some can place them in glasses filled with water (like flowers!) in their kitchen window and they last quite long that way too. You can also grow your own in the window sill and cut as needed.
    • Ginger: in a small plastic bag in the freezer. The flavor is retained and the root does not dry out. Other methods of storing can be found here.
  • Prepping -
    • Peeling Garlic and Ginger: To peel garlic I simply remove a single clove and cut off the dried blunt edge. Then I pinch the garlic from top to bottom between my thumb and pointer finger to open the rest of the garlic skins - ta da! this is lovely to me! lol! With ginger I break off the size that I need (typically 1 inch), slice off the ginger skin, place the original ginger back in the freezer, and then I'm ready to cut!
    • Cutting Garlic or Ginger: The smaller you cut the ingredients the stronger the flavor will be in your dish. Some recipes require slicing, chopping, or mincing. I like to use my cheese grater to shred garlic and ginger - very convenient and easy to clean. Watch your knuckles! (ps - I like to grate my carrots too!)
    • Cutting Herbs: I don't waste time pulling small leaves off of herb sprigs or chopping them with a large knife. Instead I love to use my kitchen scissors. I hold several sprigs in hand and snip! snip! snip! the fresh herbs fall into the bowl. Quick and easy! I use my scissors for spinach a lot too.

I hope you have the confidence to give fresh ingredients a try. Spend some time at the grocery store looking at herbs and other produce that you have never cooked  before - challenge yourself to try something new! Leeks, beets, or rutabagas... there are plenty of recipe websites that you can enter one ingredient and you receive recipes to cook that new adventurous ingredient.

Now that you have some recipes picked out for the week you should write a grocery list to make sure you don't miss any ingredients that you need. Last week Becky shared how she has spent the last several years perfecting her meal planning and shared free meal planners to print. I have them below too. Click on the one that best suits your organizational style!




What are some tips that you'd like to share with us that you use while cooking? Do you agree with "freshest is bestest" or do you prefer cooking with jarred garlic and dried herb shakers?


February Food Fireworks

MPMheader1 Feeling like your meal plans are stuck in a rut and want to freshen them up? Well, you will find some unique and absolutely doable recipes here at Holy Hen House.

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday! Every other week I will share the top five meals from my last two weeks of cooking for my family. Make all five or choose only one. Either way, it is my hope that my recipe collections inspire you to add some variety to your taste buds.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8


I collect recipes from websites, blogs, magazines, cookbooks, and from my own imagination when the cupboards start to get empty. I store the tried and true recipes in a binder and keep them clean with plastic protector sheets. My recipe binder helps me plan for weekly meals, nights of hosting large groups over for dinner, family staying over for long visits, and a quick meal! It has become a journal as I have attached memories to the meals I have cooked for loved ones.

This weeks collection has a bit of asian influence as it was recently Chinese New Year and we were cooking in celebration!

Meal Plan Monday // February Food Fireworks


Are you hungry already? Click here to print off the recipes and get started! Please share with us any adventurous or delicious recipes that you enjoy.


Mentor Mondays will now be featured biweekly switching on and off with Meal Plan Monday.