My Imperfect Mother's Day

I'm guessing many of you celebrated Mother's Day in some fashion this past weekend. Many of you are moms yourselves on the receiving end of the Mother's Day celebrations. 

Was your Mother's Day how you imagined it would be? 

Did your hubby and children wake up early to make you breakfast in bed? Did you have blissful kodak moments with your children while they showered you with Pinterest worthy homemade gifts? Did you get some sort of sparkly accessory? 

Or was it maybe like mine instead...

We started our Sunday, as usual, a little bit behind. Everyone was rushing everyone to get dressed, eat breakfast, and get out the door in time for 7:45AM church. I didn't eat breakfast in the car on the way to church like I usually do, so that's almost like relaxing in bed with a breakfast tray! 

After exactly two nights away for the first time ever for my hubby and me, our children on this particular Mother's Day unleashed a frenzy of emotions fit for both a fiery dragon and a blubbery whale. Nothing was right and nothing would make things right for them. To be fair though, I was surely feeling appreciated as they must have missed me! ;) 

I had more than one conversation with more than one person about how this Mother's Day, we would really enjoy being alone. This even after having almost three entire days without my children!

My Mother's Day wasn't exaaaaactly perfect this year. It didn't really resemble what the commercials show on TV or what I saw on someone else's instagram. I think in the past this probably would have gotten me in a sour mood. Thankfully it didn't bother me; it's not like I really expected picture perfection to occur anyway as nice as that might have been.

Maybe I'm finally starting to understand how this mom thing goes? (It's only been four plus years... don't want to rush into things you know.) Being a mother, having children, living life--these things aren't perfect. In fact, nothing but our awesome God is perfect.

So why continue to live with these crazy expectations in life? Why even consider breakfast in bed a possibility when I know church is that early? Why expect perfect angels for children when I know they missed me and were exceptionally exhausted by time spent with Grandma and Grandpa? Why make myself feel guilty for wanting to spend time alone when all moms everywhere come across these feelings time and time again. Mother's Day is still a day in the life of being a mom. A day where imperfections happen. A day when sin is still ever present. 

Imperfections are what make motherhood what it is. Being a mom is about embracing these not-so-perfect moments, taking them in stride (or not, depending on the day!) and reaching up to our Heavenly Father to ask for help to somehow trudge on.

Imperfections are what make the special moments (whether they be plenty or few on that given day) so memorable. 

Imperfections are what make moments, like when my four year old wanted to know how to spell "Jesus died for Dad, Mom, Penny and Jack" or when my two year old shouts out during a prayer, "Jesus died for ME!" so treasured. We are all imperfect, except our loving God. And He is so loving that he has given us perfection for free through his son Jesus. 

For now, our lives and worlds are imperfect, and that's okay because perfect will be in our futures in heaven. If it were perfect heaven on earth, what would we have to look forward to anyway? 


For now, my day involving children on emotional roller coasters, a meal where my kids barely sat to eat, a snicker or two with my hubby over another meltdown, time spent with my cranks instead of away from them, never-ending yard work, and a front stoop full of freshly planted annuals thanks to my hubby and kiddos will be the perfect amount of imperfect to call it Mother's Day.

A Mother's Prayer Introduction // Guest Writer Kristyn Getty

Hello fellow Moms/Mums! I am an Irish mum in America and apprentice juggler of mothering, homemaking, songwriting, singing and traveling alongside my wonderful husband, Keith. We very much appreciate your welcoming in some of our thoughts into the vast ocean of experiences you can draw from.


Although in Northern Ireland Mother's Day is celebrated in March, we have become May celebrators here in Nashville as my experience of being a mum to our daughter, Eliza Joy, has been almost all stateside.  After giving birth for the first time, when my brain could handle little more than changings, feedings and nursery rhymes, I began to write lyrics for a song for our daughter.  Growing out of the daily wrestling with fear and worry, the overwhelming joy of it all and the call on my life to follow Christ in this new adventure of motherhood, the song became full of prayers for Eliza.  Keith and I and our good friend Fionan put together the melody, and the end result is the song we'd like to share with you – “A Mother's Prayer.”

A few months ago my brother Michael visited Nashville, and while he was here, he was able to shoot our very first music video, which was for this song.

[embed width="640" height="360"][/embed]

C.S. Lewis once said,

The homemaker is the ultimate career.  All other careers exist for one purpose only --  to support the ultimate career!

We hope this song will be a helpful and happy piece of Mother's Day celebrations for you this year as we are together grateful for the gift and privilege we have been given in raising the next generation!

Love, Kristyn

On Monday Kristyn Getty will share even more with us including...

  • Her heartfelt piece "A Mother's Prayer"
  • The story behind the song
  • Personal prayers that she journaled
  • Her diary entry on her first Mother's Day

psssst! Kristyn will also have something for you to personalize and share with your own mother next week. What a heart!