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Summer Sweat Circuit: 6 Focused Moves

What this video may be lacking in sophistication and professionalism is made up for in love and amazing content!  :) Believe me when I tell you this is a labor of love. Because I love you and I love exercise. All kinds. Anywhere. With anyone.

Bring the sweat, summer. I LOVE it.

Just for the record, I do NOT love cameras, computers, apps and smart phones.

This workout is different than anything I've created for you before and may be different than any way you've exercised in the past. But it's SO. Much. FUN!

You will complete as many rounds of these six moves as you can in 30 minutes. The more often you do this circuit, the fitter you'll become and the more rounds you'll be able to complete. Take breaks when needed. Do not rush though it to get it done. Form is King. The demonstrations in the video should help you with form. Please refer to the video only after you've read the complete exercise prescription.

Things you will need:

  • Space - a good four foot square.
  • Weights - a bit more ambitious than you would normally use and a couple different weight amounts. *I reference this in the video right before I demonstrate the first exercise, so be sure you listen.
  • A mat, big beach towel or flat cushion.
  • Water
  • Timer
  • Music
  • Always a good attitude and a smile on your face - I don't smile nearly enough in this video, so make it your goal to smile every time I say "ok" or "um".

Summer Sweat Circuit: 6 Focused Moves

Set your timer for 30 minutes and see how many times you can make it through this circuit. Rest when needed. Write down how many rounds you complete and make it a goal to beat that number of rounds next time you do it. This circuit can be done every other day for the beginner or recreational exerciser, and can be done on the off days of leg day or extended cardio days for seasoned and advanced exercisers.

  1. Push Press: heaviest weight of the circuit. 12 repetitions
  2. Dead Row: a little less weight than Push Press, but still relatively heavy. 12 repetitions
  3. 3 Point Push-Up: 12 repetitions
  4. Surrender: little to no weight for beginners and medium weight for intermediate and advanced. 10 repetitions (5 each leg)
  5. Dead Bug: no weight. To modify you can shorten your levers by bending your knee in and out instead of a straight leg lift. 12 repetitions (6 each side)
  6. Star Jump: no weight. To modify you can abduct on leg out at a time, alternating legs and take away the impact of the jump. 15 repetitions


Here is a printable pdf  that allows you to keep track of rounds: hhh sweat circuit.




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