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Review of Show Me Your Mighty Hand

Review of Show Me Your Mighty Hand

I’m not sure what I expected when I offered, as a representative of Holy Hen House, to review Wendy Heyn's book, “Show Me Your Mighty Hand.” I knew it was a compilation of stories by mothers with special needs children, but that’s about all.  

I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be able to put it down once I started. And I didn’t expect to relate to the mothers, either. I don’t have a child labeled “special needs,” but the questions these moms ask are questions common to all believers in times of struggle. Why was this person, who already has so many problems, the one victimized? Where is God when I don’t see Him answering my prayers? Why did God allow this? And why did He withhold healing when it’s in His power to heal?

Every mother knows the ache of her child being overlooked. Anyone who’s been a parent for any significant time has watched a child suffer in some way. As I read through this book I often found myself nodding my agreement or cringing as tears ran down my face.

The mothers in these stories hold nothing back. Their honest and raw emotions will meet your honest and raw emotions, and their scars will resonate with your own. Their honesty doesn’t leave us without answers, though. Story after story reminds us that while God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we hoped He would, He doesn’t abandon us either. He provides other Christians to walk with us through the journey. He gives strength when our feeble bodies get weak, and His Word reminds us of His faithfulness. We’re reminded often that ultimately God gave us everything we need when He gave us His Son to die on a cross, and He is worthy of our praise even in the midst of struggle.

The ladies who wrote these stories are the ladies I’d be drawn to; ladies who have been broken, but who have learned to endure; ladies who confidently place their past, present and future in the hands of an omnipotent God and ladies who’ve learned the perfection our society idolizes is a façade. They’ve experienced God’s peace despite the circumstances and found hope of a better future is realized in heavenly gain. These ladies have cuddled the weak and the challenged and they’ve learned to love more. These are the women who would be first to offer a hug or biblical wisdom to anyone in their own struggle.

Wendy’s book can be found at Northwestern Publishing House.

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