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Resistance Band Workout with Solid Strength

KellyResistanceBand Who knew a band could be such an effective strength training tool?

Ok, I did.

And I'm sharing with you today why I think you should get one and a full body circuit that you can do with it - ANYWHERE! You can buy them at almost ANY sporting goods store, Target, Shopko, Walmart or Fleet Farm. Here's a link to the SPRI brand on Amazon.


After an adequate warm-up of walking around your house, or up and down the steps if your knees allow, or even walking in place for 5-7 minutes, complete 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each of these exercises as a circuit. That means to complete one set of each exercise for the desired number of repetitions entirely before repeating any exercises. Rest for two minutes in between sets, but no rest is necessary in between exercises - just the time it takes to transition from exercise to exercise.

1. Rear Lunge with Row - Loop the band around a secure surface like a supportive beam in your basement, or a pole outside in your yard, or a tree; even a door handle would work, or in a door. You could also wrap it around something heavy. I sometimes use the kid's bunk bed vertical beam. Step back with one foot into a lunge position while squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling handles toward your body. Alternate legs. Repeat up to 12 reps on each leg.

2. Kneeling Hip Ext - Get on hands and knees on a mat or carpeted surface. Place one foot in the handle and secure the other handle in the same side hand. Press heel into band handle and straighten knee joint and hip, keeping leg parallel to the floor. Bring knee back in to chest. Repeat up to 12 repetitions on each leg.

3. Supine Hip Abduction - Lie down on your back bend one knee and place that foot on the floor, while the other leg is straight and the foot of that leg is in the handle of the band. Hold the other handle in the opposite hand to provide the resistance. Straighten that arm out away from your shoulder and slightly overhead. Then move your leg in and out from the hip, keeping the knee straight. Go as far open as you can and then resist "snapping" the leg back in. Repeat up to 12 repetitions on each leg.

4. Unilateral Lat Pulldown - Stand tall with abs braced and shoulder blades pulled down and away from your ears. Wrap band handles around your hand as many times as you need to provide enough resistance. Reach arms overhead and pull one elbow down by your ribs at a time. Alternate arms and repeat up to 12 repetitions per arm.

5.  Scapular Retraction with Band - Keep the same resistance in the band from the previous exercise and bring arms out in front of your body instead of overhead. Pull the band apart as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and move your arms away from each other. Repeat up to 12 repetitions.

6. Chest Press with Band - Wrap the band around your waist or shoulder blades and "punch" arms out and together. Start with hands near armpits and end with hands touching, slight bend in your elbows - out from your sternum. Keep your knuckles facing the ceiling the entire exercise. Repeat up to 12 repetitions.

7. Unilateral Shoulder Press with Band - Stand on the handle or band with your foot. Hold the other handle in the hand of the same side of your body as the foot that is anchoring the band. Stagger your foot position slightly, brace your core and press your arm overhead, bringing your bicep to your ear. Repeat up to 12 repetition per arm.     

8. Lateral Walking with Band - Stand on the band with both feet and hold handles in both hands at your waist. Step side to side about four paces each side. When you step your feet in, be sure to not step feet together, keep them at least hip-distance apart. When you step out, step as far as you can without outwardly rotating your knees. Repeat 12 total 4-pace steps (6 each direction).

9. Upright Row with Band - Stand on band and hold a handle in each hand. Cross the band at knees and pull elbows up and in, no higher than your shoulders. Always keep your elbows on top of your hands and DON'T bend wrists - keep them in line with your forearms. Repeat up to 12 repetitions.

10. Unilateral Triceps Ext with Band - Kneel on the band mid-way from handle to handle, or somewhere to provide enough resistance with one knee. Hold one handle with that side of the body's hand and extend your elbow straight overhead and your flex your triceps, then bring hand back down, without moving the upper arm. This is just a forearm move. Repeat up to 12 repetitions per arm.

11. Biceps Curl  with Band - Stand on the band with two feet for most resistance or one foot for less and perform a standard biceps curl by softening your knees, bracing your core and hinging at the elbow joint to pull band up with hands together. Return hands back to starting position, resisting the urge to want to "snap" your hands back - resist gravity here. Repeat up to 12 repetitions.

Have fun and please feel free to message me with any specific questions about each exercise and, as always, consult your physician before starting any new fitness program or routine.

**Pay no attention to the eclectic music that skips in the background. I MUST HAVE MUSIC WHEN I EXERCISE!


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