Recipe Round Up: March

It has been a bit since I've shared some recipes with you, so I thought it was high time I get on that! As always, you can find these recipes pinned on our Pinterest here. march roundup 1

1.) ORANGE BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE. I really shoot for making most items in our kitchen from scratch, but for some reason salad dressing has been super slow to hop onto that train. I'm not sure why because they are super simple. So my goal this year is to start making my own dressings. This one is great for a salad with fruit on it (as pictured). I like to make my dressings in repurposed jars so I can easily pop the lid on and shake it before serving. Be sure to try this one as berries come in season!

march roundup 2

2.) ISLAND SPICE PORK TENDERLOIN.  I recently reintroduced myself to pork. I probably haven't cooked it (at least on a regular basis) for three or four years easily. Having little kiddos around that need protein and getting bored with the same chicken and beef dishes, I finally ventured into the world of pig with encouragement from a couple friends that it was, in fact, a delicious world. I definitely had a few flops, but I also found a few keeper recipes for my files. This recipe is EASY and FAST, DELICIOUS, and only requires ONE PAN! Those are all wins to me!

march roundup 3

3.) BASIC BANANA BREAD. I have been making this banana bread for years. To me, it is one of those recipes that doesn't need any tweaks, and I have zero desire to find something different or better out there. There is also a peanut butter version, which is delicious. You can cut back the sugar if desired-- I've used half the amount with no problems. I also omit the glaze because it doesn't need it.

march roundup 4

4.) EXTRA CRISPY OVEN BAKED FRENCH FRIES. Your search for healthy french fries has ended. No seriously. I've tried a number of different recipes, but they don't seem to get crispy enough. This one is it! The key is baking first at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, then increasing to 425 degrees for an additional 20 minutes. It's a little heavy on time, but worth the effort! I do 3-4 potatoes between two pans, stir half way through each temperature setting and switch pans. I have yet to try these with sweet potatoes, but am hoping to in the near future! The seasonings mix on her recipe is great, but I've also just done a heavy sprinkling of salt which was fine too.

Have any delicious recipes you'd like to share? Did you grill anything fabulous during the few days of warm weather? Please share!