On the Road: Little Van on the Prairie

On the Road Banner 4 On the road again. Somehow, after a week with sick kids and busy schedules, my husband and I managed to get our family packed and into the van. We paid extra to take the tollway and skirt around Denver, avoiding downtown traffic from the Colorado Rockies opening game. The mountains faded behind us, and traffic thinned out. We passed Kanorado and were on our way to Kansas City. Before we knew it, the kids were asleep, there was no urban traffic to contend with, we hadn't seen an antelope for miles, and our 3G was unavailable.

kansas prairie

"So, I was just thinking about..." 650 miles is a long drive. What else was there to do but talk? We discussed how neat the big old churches in the tiny towns were, and speculated about the best spots to take cover if there was hail or a Kansas tornado on the wide open prairie. We thought the moving truck towing llamas was probably the first we'd seen. We talked about the kids at school and work and moving plans. We chatted like friends do.

How often do we have time to do that? Especially once babies and careers fill our days, it's hard to imagine there was a time we spent hours talking on the phone, followed by the stereotypical "you hang up first." We quickly touch base about groceries, bills, discipline, and schedules. Just working together isn't nearly as fun as being friends together, though, is it?

650 miles is a long drive. As our little van made its way past a hundred signs for Colby, by wind turbines blinking red simultaneously in the dark, and prairie fires smoldering, we had no other option but to enjoy our time together. Thank you, Jesus, for long long long prairie trails.


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