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Not Your Grandma's Meatloaf

When my second oldest was younger, she wasn't a very good eater. She would pick at her veggies and protein sources, but always managed to eat all of her pasta or dessert - imagine that? She was the reason I become very creative about how I added vegetables to her meals, without her really noticing. I used a lot of purees because I had so many on hand when I was making baby food for the baby.  So much so that on the rare occasion my husband would make dinner (which was almost always mac and cheese) and not add the accustomed pureed squash, she would taste it and say, "this isn't mac and cheese, daddy". But lately, I have not been fortifying her meals as much because I no longer need to make baby food and don't have purees readily available. Now that she is older I can teach her about the importance of eating all the food on her plate. We also have rules about what she has to eat first. Thankfully, I do not classify her as a picky eater anymore - not because she suddenly has a love of all things green and crunchy - but rather she's learned obedience in eating. This is something very important to me. I feel it is crucial to teach children to eat for health. Food is medicine. Everything our bodies need is found in the foods we eat.

The traditional foods my husband and I grew up with were not the healthiest options, but some are still our favorites. One for me is meatloaf. Here is a healthier version that is fortified with vegetables yet is kid approved and budget friendly. If your littles are picky like mine was, you can chop the ingredients up very fine, or even throw them in the food processor. I hope you enjoy!


What tricks do you have up your sleeve to get the kids (or even the hubby) to eat more veggies? Please share!