Not Even a Glimpse at a Veteran Wife's Sacrifice

VeteransWife When I'm in labor and my husband is there holding my hand instead of across the world holding a cellphone.

When the days are long and it's my turn to put the kids to bed.

When I think our family needs a break and go on a vacation.

When I wake in the middle of the night and I see my husband sleeping beside me.

When I plan our Thanksgiving meal and I don't have to doubt whether my family will be together.

When I think that my husband has changed and I can't meet him where he is.

When my husband calls to tell me he's coming home.


there are women who live with far significant worries and sacrifices as their husbands serve in the military.

there are wives and moms that are veterans as well.

we likely will not understand what they or their families have gone through but we can listen.


to tell our children that their freedom is not free.

to say thank you.

to show our gratefulness.

to show them service and help.

to keep them in prayer.

There is a family today who prays they could be all together and for some that prayer will not be answered. There is nothing like coming home.

Grace Weber is a Milwaukee native now living in Brooklyn. She recently released her first album The Refinery. I'm kind of in love with it.