My Christmas To Do List

I kind of thought this Christmas would go a little differently. You see, in my mind I thought I would be able to actually do it all! You know the list a million miles long of ridiculous crafts, home-made gifts, and scrumptious treats that MUST BE DONE for Christmas. My theory was this year is the first year that I am neither working (outside the home) and do not have a newborn. I figured this little dynamic lack of duo would somehow open the clouds and shine a spotlight on what I know now was imaginary time. Time I wanted to use making my Christmas perfect. Obviously, that didn't happen.

My husband's work schedule was out of control the last six weeks. My son got roseola, like for real, and was out-of-commission sick for an entire week. My daughter came down with a fever. I will just stop there. You know the exact story as I'm sure it's happened to you at least once. Plans get ruined-- it is kind of how life goes sometimes, maybe even a lot of the time.

As I sit here nibbling on a candy cane (mind you, I was given these candy canes because I certainly have neither remembered to buy them nor have set foot in Target in a while...), I'm thinking I need to just get over my to do list. My tree might remain only partially decorated. I might not have a chance to fashion some outrageous DIY centerpiece to my already cluttered table. That wreath on my front door with the red lit spotlight might never get hung. I might only make that free bag of Honest Company sugar cookie mix that they sent with my last diaper shipment instead of a huge homemade batch. My children likely won't match on Christmas Eve. My children probably won't get all the gifts I had planned. My online shopping binge might not get delivered in time.

But that's okay.

I think I actually want my to do list to change. Christmas isn't about all this stuff. I mean, the stuff is fun and helps everyone get excited and certainly makes things festive, but it is still just stuff. 

I challenge you to revise your to do list! But I'm making it easy for you... we can share!

It's short. It's simple. It's easily accomplished!

  1. Read the story of Jesus. Read it to your children. Read it once. Read it twice! Read it from the Bible or your child's Bible. It doesn't matter, just read it!
  2. Prepare your heart for Christmas -- use an advent calendar, do an advent study, go to advent services, sing some Christmas hymns, do something that helps you focus on Christ this Christmas.
  3. Pray! Pray for peace and happiness. Pray for those less fortunate. Thank God for the past year of trials and blessings. Pray for your faith to grow this season.

Christmas to do list

Have anything to add to the to do list? Please share anything else you find you need to do before Christmas to get yourself ready for Christ's arrival.