let's make art.

His calloused palms move over the smooth maple as he makes marks with the pencil that is tucked behind his ear. He measures and cuts and nails with focused eyes and steady hands.

My husband is a pastor. But he is a carpenter, too.
A pile of lumber becomes something. Something good. Something beautiful. 
He is an artist. He'd probably roll his eyes at me and smile if I said it aloud to him, but its true.  

We all are. Each and every one of us. 

Maybe you are a singer. A scrapbooker. A decorator. A baby rocker. 
Maybe your heart sings when you clean and scrub.
Or maybe your art is in making photos. Or a knitted scarf. Or a steaming pot of chicken noodle soup. Or in pulling the bow across violin strings. 
Maybe you write. Or build. Or spray paint. Or sketch. 
Maybe you are a listener. A baker. A speaker. A sailor. An advice giver.


No matter what is it, own your art. Recognize it inside of you and seek out opportunities to draw it out and share it. 

Because that art? It's a gift given by grace that is begging to be shared. 
For His glory. 

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. ~Romans 12:6

The One who created you has equipped you with something special that can inspire and encourage and bless others. Don't be shy with it, friends. It's your opportunity to shine for Him. 

Hold it loosely in your hand and let it go. Watch the beauty that comes.