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Let's get Functional!

Let's get Functional!


My husband and I recently bought a new-to-us house. By recently I mean, last summer, but I will likely say recently until I unpack...something. And by new-to-us, I mean holy in need of renovations. This isn't our first go round at renovating. We built a condo from demo, to studs, to home out of a vacant pool room when we were first married (actually during our senior year of college while planning a wedding. No, I do not recommend this.) We sold that and bought a 100 plus year old duplex literally a block away and renovated both units in a summer (I also do not recommend this.) After we had our daughter, we wanted a change in location and found our current new-to-us holy fixer upper. Our little piece of happiness was built in 1985 and hasn't been touched since. Brown shag carpet? Check (bathroom included on that! Shag carpet leaves no room behind!). Dark oak kitchen? Check. Glamorous gold fixtures with hanging decorative chains? Check and check. So, that's brings us to today! A little before and after for you to follow along on our journey in making our new-to-us-holy fixer upper become our forever home. Today's exhibit: our front entryway.

Front entry: Before

What a sad and dreary little entryway. Perhaps the dark wood and dark floor don't bother you, but it is not my cup of tea. I have a love for bright and airy. Our dark doors, dark floor, and drab light all needed to go! The door itself was not very functional. Having two doors may seem nice at first, but the screens on the outside opened directly into your guest, and on the inside blocked entry into the flow of the house. Not very functional, plus the door was super drafty. Furthermore, I have a thing about closets. Storage is great, but I need functional storage. In our house, hanging coats up on hangers simply does not happen. Ever. We had that at our two previous homes, and it drove me crazy. I need one motion storage. The things you use the most often should be easily stored in one simple motion. If you add motions, it won't happen.This makes your life miserable. Okay, admittedly maybe not miserable, but I'm talking at least slightly annoying here. Why not make it as easy as possible for you and those loved ones in your life to put their stuff away? Right?! So the closet also had to go, too.

Our renovation included pretty  much getting rid of everything, and putting in new stuff. Easy peasy, right? :) We replaced the double doors with a single door with windows on either side. The floor we changed to solid hardwood continued on from the living room. The closet was renovated to a bench seat with much more functional hooks and shelves. All of our trim and interior doors were or will be replaced from the dark oak, to mission style three panel doors and mission style trim all painted white. The hanging light was also replaced (I know, I will also miss that strange chandelier-esque light.)

So before you start thinking how awesome my husband and I are ;), here is a little disclaimer: this project has taken MONTHS. We are NOT super human. We bought the house in June, shortly there after ripped up the floors and removed the old closet doors, and just finished this last week. Real time here people.

Front Entry: During1


Front Entry: During2

Front Entry: During3

I don't mean to discourage you from taking on projects in your home. I want you to know that it takes time and it sucks at certain points for everybody. At least everyone with other jobs besides renovating their house, although I'm sure it stinks at times for them too. Totally worth it though! And here's the after...

Front Entry: After1

I know I am biased since it is my home, but don't you just love it? A few specifics for anyone curious. The trim is painted with Dutchboy Refresh colored matched to Sherwin Williams Pure White. The walls are painted with Dutchboy Platinum colored matched to Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. The light is from Home Depot (and has been around for years because I've used that same light in our duplex a few years back.) The floor is speckled elm we purchased from Lumber Liquidators. Now we have storage for hats, gloves, mittens, coats, purses, shoes, and whatever else we want! I have space I don't know what to do with yet. I will eventually sew a little cushion and add some coordinating pillows, but for now, I'm overjoyed to have someplace to hang my scarf. And for those of you too tired to scroll, here is the before and after again!

Front Entry: Before and After

Any renovations going on in your house? Do you also hate the part in the middle? Determined to make your space more functional in the new year? Please share.

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