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Katie Luther - Cling Like a Burr Online Bible Study

Katie Luther - Cling Like a Burr Online Bible Study

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With the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation coming up it is natural to hear much about Martin Luther. But I'm always curious - What about the woman next to him? Who was Katie Luther?

An unwanted child.
A runaway nun.
A controversial wife.
A courageous mother.
A mentor of faith. 

There's no question that the wife of the renowned Lutheran reformer, Martin Luther, was a unique and inspiring woman. 

What was it like to be married to Martin Luther?

How did she respond to the difficulty and pressures of life?

I researched more about Katie Luther and created a Bible study that goes through a summary of her life with references of Scripture to draw near to. 

Her dying words were, ""I shall cling to Christ as a burr clings to a coat." 

For six weeks, from September 18 - October 27, we will explore a summary of Katie Luther's life and study where she found hope and certainty in her many roles as a woman.


How does our online Bible study work?

1. Join our private online Bible study Facebook group here

2. Pick up your copy of Cling Like a Burr in our shop as a booklet or printable


3. Follow along the Bible study in our Facebook group each week:

  • Monday - Listen to a Facebook live summarizing a season of Katie Luther's life
  • Tuesday - Discuss and answer a question
  • Wednesday - Write or draw one Bible passage
  • Thursday - Discuss an application challenge
  • Friday - Pray

    Regardless of what our external circumstances may look like or how we feel we are not forgotten or unwanted. Because of Christ, God proclaims you worthy, holy, and dearly loved. He is your hope and your certainty in this life. Never will our Heavenly Father leave or forsake us.

God has made us his own, and like Katie Luther, we can have full faith that Jesus' grace is the one thing secure in this life to cling to.

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me.
— Psalm 63:8

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