Intro to God + Sex

God&SexSeries2.jpg When you think about sex does it make you...



feel angry?

If you're like me, maybe all of the above.

During the week of May 19-23 we will be discussing questions like >>>

  • Why is sex taboo to talk about with other Christians?
  • What is God's role for sex?
  • Can our sex life get better?
  • What are some barriers to our sex life?
  • Can we find beauty in something that our culture degrades to filth?

Here's where we need you! Do you have a question about this topic? We will choose several submitted questions about sex and share our answers on Friday, May 23rd. We understand that some want to keep their name private and you can ask your question anonymously in the contact form below.

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Amber mentioned in a previous post that our women's only bible study is a safe place for us to share our struggles, hopes, and joys of sex - we hope to be that for you too. Join us for our God + Sex series next week!