InfinityMOM Scarf Giveaway!

KaiteBabyHello! I'm Kaite! When I started nursing, I wished there was a product that would allow me to be more comfortable while breastfeeding in public.  Traditional "bib" style nursing covers didn't truly cover me, and my back, sides or stomach would often be exposed.   Additionally, my daughter was often uncomfortable and hot under the nursing cover and would refuse to eat until I removed it.  I created InfinityMOM scarves to solve those problems and assist moms in nursing - wherever, whenever. InfinityMOM nursing scarves are the perfect way to nurse comfortably and discreetly in public. Made out of the highest quality lightweight jersey, InfinityMOM scarves are gentle against your baby's skin and comfortable even in the hottest weather. I will be gifting (maybe you!) one coral chevron nursing scarf.


You can purchase InfinityMOM scarves on amazon (offers free shipping!) or on my website.

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