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Gratitude, Part 1: A Month in Limbo

Picture 38 Happy November!

November is a month in limbo here in Wisconsin. The excitement of seasonal change that belongs to October is old news in November. The leaves have already changed color, the cool air has long since coerced people into their scarves, boots, and sweaters. Accumulating snow is a rare occurrence typically reserved for December, yet the cold wind and early darkness afford us little time and desire to enjoy the outdoors. The hustle of harvest time has ended and the bustle of Christmastime has not yet fully begun. In November, Pumpkin Spice gives way gradually, almost imperceptibly, to Peppermint. And in this month of seasonal suspension, we draw inward, look outward and upward, and reflect on God’s goodness surrounding us. In November, we anticipate celebrating the gift of Christ’s joyous birth while remembering the blessings of the preceding months. November is the perfect month to practice Thankfulness in a spirit of gratitude.

Gratitude can and should be felt year round, of course, but why not take this “limbo month” to focus on practicing thankfulness? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to say a quick “thank you” to God for the gifts he has given you. Use this month to practice living in a spirit of daily gratitude as you serve the Lord. Then carry that spirit of daily gratitude with you into December, and January, and beyond! God has blessed us each with so much to truly be thankful for!

Here are just a few ways you can remind yourself to Thank God every day this month:

-Proclaim your gratitude to the world! Many people on facebook like to update their status with one thing they are thankful for each day in the month of November. -Make gratitude turkeys. Make paper turkeys by tracing your hands and feet onto construction paper, cutting out the hand and feet shapes, and arranging them into a turkey. Each day, write something you are thankful for on one of the turkey’s feathers (fingers). This is a great one to do with kids! -Keep a private gratitude journal. Write down the things you are thankful for as they occur to you. -When praying together with your family (before meals, before bed, during devotion, etc.), have everyone share something from their day that they’d like to thank God for.

We will be focusing on gratitude every friday this month at Holy Hen House, so “stay tuned” for more chatter that matters about Thankfulness!

Got any fun Thanksgiving traditions? What creative methods do you use to practice gratitude in the month of November or beyond? I would love more ideas as I think my kids are getting sick of gratitude turkeys! 


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