Get Rich Quick!



What would you do if you won the lottery? If you were suddenly rich beyond your wildest dreams? Most of us have considered this scenario before. I know what I would do! Pay off all my debts, invest for the future, buy a nice home for my family, take care of my extended family. Then I could take any extra and go on some wild vacations! I could afford a fantastic wardrobe. And just so I'm not greedy, think of all I could donate! I could give millions to my church, schools I've attended, charities I support. I could adopt some children in need and provide many a village in Africa with a well for drinking water. Oh, if only I were rich...

I'm definitely NOT rich though. I mean just look at my debts:

1. Student loans. 2. Car loan. 3. Hospital bills. 4. A whole lotta sin.

Even if I get those student loans, that car loan, and those hospital bills paid off, I will NEVER repay the debt I owe to God for my sin. I am the poorest person alive, heading straight to debtors prison aka HELL.

Well, wait a second now. Those are my debts. Let's list my assets:

  • I Have a bazillion dollars
  • I live in multi million dollar mansion
  • I have an impressive jewelry collection
  • I have a garage filled with seven expensive cars
  • Have you seen my pool? How about the hot tub?
  • Check out my stock portfolio!

Yeah...just kidding. Wishful thinking. ;)

In reality:

  • I get sound sleep in a comfortable bed every night.
  • My home has devices designed to keep me warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot (when I’m not feeling too cheap to run them!)
  • I eat when I am hungry.
  • I have a few “glowing rectangles” designed solely for entertainment and communication.
  • When I really need or desire something, I have the resources to put in some elbow grease and work toward a goal.
  • My home is free of bed bugs, fleas, pests, and my family free of debilitating disease.
  • I have extra possessions to donate to Goodwill.
  • My husband and I are able to take time off work if need be and do so even for pleasure on occasion.
  • My city has a sewage system that whisks away undesirable waste and treats it.
  • Little by little, I am paying off $45,000 in student loan debts.
  • I am able to put a tiny bit of money into savings occasionally.
  • I am able to say, “we are out of milk, bread, and eggs, could you stop by the store on your way home from work and pick some up?”
  • If I need a doctor, I can see one within days.
  • If I am critically ill or injured, I can call an ambulance to pick me up within minutes.
  • The phrase “treating myself” has entered my vocabulary.
  • I have access to clean drinking water.
  • I have a beautiful family.
  • I have a beautiful church family.
  • I have friends who care about me.
  • I have one great reliable little car that seats five people--and exactly five people in my family! Who needs a van?
  • Globally, I am one of the richest people on earth.*

Most importantly: as a daughter of God, I am the heir to a home in HEAVEN. I have a savior who died for me and abolished the sin I could never get rid of on my own and because of that I will live in His heavenly kingdom some day. What earthly mansion could top that?

When I compare those debts to those assets, I am pretty stinking rich!

Why are you rich? Do you take your riches for granted? Is there a financial struggle you are going through that we can uplift to God for you?


*(Wondering if you are too? This website allows you to type in your income and see where you fall globally. You might be surprised! I do not know if they are a trusted donation source, however, so I would not donate anything through their site without researching who they are first. As always, be smart with your personal and financial information on the internet).