for the love of flowers

  for the love of flowers

My husband and I took a little getaway recently to Door County, WI to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. In typical Rachel fashion, I toted my camera wherever we went to capture photos of the gorgeous lake views, fun landmarks and, much to his I-don’t-want-my-picture-taken-again-but-I-love-you-so-I’ll-try-to-smile dismay, the hubs sitting on benches and next to light houses and riding his bike. Bless his heart. He’s a trooper.

In the end, I had only a tiny handful of pictures of Josh half smiling because I was much too busy swooning over the gorgeous flowers around every turn. I snapped snapped snapped away as I grinned and exclaimed that this was the loveliest, most delicious smelling bloom on the peninsula.....until I spotted the next one and the next.

The whole gang was there. Peony and iris, lilac and hydrangea, coneflower and daisy. Each one wonderful and unique and perfectly photo-worthy.

for the love of flowers 2-2

As we walked a path of wildflowers that stretched as far as my eyes could see, I realized why my fondness for flowers is oh so strong.

When I see them, I feel loved.

Loved by the One who pushes each stem and bud up from the dirt of the ground. Adored by the Creator who took care in designing each and every one, pouring love into the smallest of details. Pursued by the God who delights in me.

He is a suitor leaving tokens of His affection for me, His beloved, hoping that I take notice and smile. In gardens. In rundown parking lots. On the side of a country road. Along a chain link fence. On street corners. In my own front yard.

His love for me is written on every flower. If I pulled petals off each one with "He loves me, He loves me not", I'd always and forever end on He loves me.

for the love of flowers 2

The same goes for you, dears.

So admire the beauty of each blooming bud today. Pluck one and tuck it behind your ear. Gather up a big handful and arrange them for your table. Sit in the tall green grass and braid them into a crown for your hair. Take a photo of the prettiest flower and make a big canvas for your wall.

Stop and smell the roses and thank Him. Because we'll find Him there.