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Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

I think I could basically be a version of Chip and Joanna Gaines. From my hours and hours of watching HGTV, I feel like I’m pretty ready to tackle a classic fixer upper. You know, when you take a house that is pretty rough around the edges and needs a lot of work and then renovate it to make it seem like a brand new, beautiful, and functional home. I mean, I’ve never owned a home before, I’ve never re-tiled, re-stained, or redone anything, but I feel like I could remodel a kitchen with the best of them. How much practice does it take anyway to rip out drywall and pick out backsplashes?

I imagine that there is more to fixing up a fixer upper than the show lets on, and honestly I’m probably not actually ready to take on any sort of fixer upper. For anyone who has actually done any remodelling, could probably confirm that it is more than falling in love with a house full of “character”. It’s more than ripping out cabinets, making a beautiful design, discovering an expensive problem half way through the episode, and it is certainly more than a dramatic reveal that makes the homeowners scream in delight as they walk through a Joanna Gaines designed home. 

And suddenly, I don’t feel as qualified to take on a fixer upper.  

As I watch my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, I wish I could say I was just like Joanna with a designer eye, an attention for even the smallest detail, a careful and organized planner, and just an overall seemingly flawless woman who knows what she is doing in life. I would even take being like Chip with high intelligence, the passion to chase his dreams and build an empire, and the goofiness to make everyday enjoyable. The more and more that I thought about it, I was not cool enough to be either Chip or Joanna. I tossed it over in my mind, trying not to dwell in such silly thoughts, and then I realized that I’m a lot more like the houses that they fix up. And I wouldn’t say that say that I’m the beautifully remodeled finished product. 

There is no way I could claim that I was as put together as a herringbone hardwood floor. There is no way I could claim to be as bold as a brightly colored statement wall. There is no way I could claim to be as bright as a wall of windows, and there is no way I could claim to be as perfect as Joanna Gaines’ kitchen with the perfect touch of rustic and modern that could make anyone drool. 

No, I’m the house before they fix it up. Yeah, I’m the house with cracked walls, the stained carpet, the uncut grass, and the crumbling foundations. I’m an ugly fixer upper with “potential”. Outdated and not taken care of, I sit on my lot behind years of neglect and layers of unruly landscaping. 

How many of you feel like a fixer upper? If we were all sitting in a room together, I’m sure all of us would have a hand up in the air. Maybe you might say, “I’ve been abandoned for years and I’m tired of feeling lonely.” or maybe you might say, “I’m so tired of trying to keep up with those around me. I just can’t seem to be as perfect as them.” Deep down, I feel like we could all admit, “I’m a little broken around the edges, but all I need is a little love.”

Life has not always been kind to us. The storms of life have roughed us up, tossed us aside, and left us looking run down, tired, and needing some serious TLC. The heartbreaks, disappointments, frustration, and failures in life have left us as a mess. I don’t know about you but this is exactly why I have a strong connection to fixer uppers, because I want someone to find me, see my potential, love me despite my flaws, and fix me up for some beautifully crafted purpose. 

My beautiful friends, we have a Chip and Joanna Gaines when we look at our Savior. We have a Savior that doesn’t see that crumbling, run-down, worn-out house, but people that are full of potential and purpose. He sees people that he can mold for his plan and make them beautiful in their own unique way. He sees things in us that no one else sees. He knows we come with our own set of issues that seem irreparable, but indeed he makes it better than we can ever imagine. It’s sort of fun to imagine our innermost sins as the ugly wallpaper, our emotional turmoil are the outdated and broken cabinets, our personal struggles as stained carpet, and our fears that hold us back are the walls that make all the rooms dark, small, and closed in. Just the love that Chip has for demolition day where they rip out the insides of the house, God loves to tear out the dark parts of us, so that he can do work in our hearts. He strips the wall from the wallpaper of guilt, the broken cabinets of anxiety, the gross carpet of pet sins, and the walls of the fear that holds us back. 

Once he is done taking out all the things that hold us down, he builds us back up according to his plan. His perfect purpose for you is built up with love and care. Each part of the house picked specifically for you with careful discernment. No matter what issues our Holy Builder finds, he works with it, takes care of it, and loves us just the same. He handpicks the wall colors, the beautiful front door, and everything inside, so that there isn’t another fixer upper anything like you. 

When the builder is done, what is left is a masterpiece. Friends, no matter how much of a fixer upper you feel like, know that you have someone better than Chip and Joanna Gaines working on you. Sometimes projects take time and sometimes projects aren’t easy, but they always have a beautiful ending. What building stage you find yourself in, pray for eyes that see the end goal and patience as God works in your life. You are so much more than a forgotten home who is rough around the edges, you are a beautiful fixer upper in the hands of a perfect builder.

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