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(energy) Boosters

There are a decent number of things to do at my house that would fall under the "Why did I wait so long?!" category. You know, that pile or list of projects that you can't seem to muster the energy to work on, even though they are super easy, not labor intensive, and take little time. One of these I tackled this weekend, while sick, while sitting on my couch (for some of the time.) Seriously, why did I wait so long? This weekend I made boosters for Penny's diapers. We are a cloth diapering family here, which I totally love most of the time. It turns out as your child gets a wee older, they tend to have more issues with leaking, or at least mine did.  I think the reason is because they can hold their tiny bladders a little bit longer then before, and then let loose! We were having quite a few wet pant situations when I finally decided to add another layer to the drawers. It made a huge difference! We can now go longer than 1.5 hours without a soggy booty or a dire need for diaper changing, and that my friends, is progress. I have a number of boosters already, but found that I would run out before I'd get the recently washed diapers put away. The logical solution would be to put the diapers away faster, but alas, I'd rather make more boosters! I guess the one time energy expenditure of making the boosters outweighed the energy it would take to always put my laundry away in a timely fashion.

Fortunately for me, my mom recently gave me a whole pile of flannel scraps that she had left over from quilting projects. So this project was free! I am sure many of you have a bunch of scrap fabric lying around just looking for a purpose in life.


I based my "pattern" on one booster that we have already been using. It is the most basic of the three or four we have, but we've found that we like just a little extra layer without the added bulk. Her booty is already big enough (with the diaper on of course, off is a whole different tiny dimpled story...) And I honestly have no idea what brand they are anymore. (This is where you ignore the faded poo stains, please.)


The basic pattern is a layer of flannel, a layer of quilting batting (I used Warm & Natural), and another layer of flannel.


I just serged the edges, and called it a night! If you don't have a serger, you could do a zigzag stitch or an overcast stitch.


I love that these boosters are cute and have whimsical creatures, versus just plain white. Although let's be honest, they are going to be poo stained before I even know it! :D


I realize many, if not most of you, are not cloth diapering or need any extra inserts, but I think this basic idea can be utilized for other little projects as well. I am planning to make cloth wipes.  It would also be kind of neat to make your own "paper" towels for cleaning. You could make little cotton circles/squares to replace cotton balls. Maybe make some Kleenex out of super soft flannel for your tender sniffles. Fashion a couple extra bibs or even burp cloths. Oh the possibilities with a few little scraps!


So what is on your to do list that you can't seem to tackle? Have any ideas you'd like me to tackle for you (no Mel, I will not clean your bathroom. Actually, I could probably be convinced...) Have any ways to keep yourself energized to get those little to do's onto your done list? Tell me, please!


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