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It's Springtime! Butterfly Garland Tutorial

It's Springtime! Butterfly Garland Tutorial


While shopping the other day I saw a large display of colorful paint sample cards and remembered from Pinterest some ideas to craft with my daughter. Now, before you think that I stole the cards - *shifty eyes* - I asked the employee in that department if I could use the cards for a project without buying any paint and he said yes! Hooray! We grabbed some cards that were the color of the rainbow and were on our way to create our own made-up butterfly garland!



Items Needed

Favorite music playlist  Paint sample cards (We picked out six cards and had paper for 18 butterflies. Amount/size will vary based on paint company) Cardboard Pencil Scissors Thread (I used hemp) Exacto Knife Cutting Board Tape



1. First, put on some music to listen to while you craft. Why not?

2. Ask your child what color they think each paint card is and then read the actual fun paint name listed. Paint names like Fresh Cut Grass, Windy Sky, Conch Shell, Bee Pollen and others will get you thinking more about springtime!

3. Cut a simple butterfly template out of cardboard for your child to trace onto the back of the cards (great involvement!). The butterflies may be uneven but you can cut along the inside of the pencil markings and adjust the shape as needed.

4. Place the cut butterfly shapes onto a cutting board. Carefully slice two vertical slits through the paper surrounding the mid-section of the butterfly with an exacto knife. If you look closely at the picture below you can see.



3. Cut desired length of thread and help your child thread each butterfly onto the string (another great task for little ones - help them if they get frustrated). Our butterfly pattern was a gradual fade from dark shades of the rainbow to light shades of the rainbow. If you follow the same rainbow pattern you can talk about the rainbow's order of colors.

4. Find a high traffic place to hang your new garland so that the brightness of your springtime butterflies bring cheer to all who come near it.

5. Climb a stool and secure each side of the string with a piece of tape on the wall, a mantle, or window frame.


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