Banana Avocado "Ice Cream"

I don't know about you, but when 8:30 rolls around in my house something terrible happens. It's as if I haven't eaten for the entire day. I must get my paws on some food. Not just any kind of food either, ice cream kind of food. My husband, while being a gem most of the time, doesn't always appreciate traipsing out into the 25 degree outdoors for a seemingly unnecessary dessert (Though he has not been pregnant ever. He will never truly understand the gravity that is a craving.) Truthfully, my waistline isn't really approving either... I recently received a Cuisinart food processor for Christmas from the in-laws. This thing is seriously amazing in so many ways. You can chop a million things at once, make banana ice cream, make dough, make smoothies. But I digress. In the little cookbook that comes with the food processor it has a recipe for Banana Ice Cream. The recipe consists of frozen bananas, some vanilla, and cream. Of course I like to make a few changes and complicate just about everything I do in the kitchen, so this little concoction was hatched-- Banana Avocado "Ice Cream."


This is a super simple recipe (no matter how much I tried to complicate things.) Simply add frozen banana, ripe avocado, vanilla, milk, a dash of cinnamon, and a dollop of maple syrup if you are feeling especially dangerous.


Process until smooth and creamy, like soft-serve ice cream.


And eat! Eat like it's not ice cream, because it's NOT, and therefore in my mind it is virtually calorie free (though I will admit, that is a lie!) It is loads healthier than eating ice cream from a tub which likely includes high fructose corn syrup in its ingredient list. It also has a more unique flavor with the avocado and cinnamon, which makes you feel a teeny bit classier whilst you stuff your face in sweats on the couch. :D



Do you cave to your cravings after a long day? Have any healthy recipes that feel like cheating? Please indulge me with your thoughts.