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adventures in homemaking :: embracing the flaws

In September of last year my little family of three took on a fixer upper on six wooded acres. Oh, the excitement of owning a home again! 

For weeks after we signed on the dotted line, we scrubbed (I MEAN SCRUBBED) and hauled, scraped off wallpaper and tinkered long, long days to make the place livable. The house had been closed up and neglected for years, but we shined her up and moved ourselves in. 

We're in, but the house isn't perfect. 

There are big holes in some of the drywall. A few of the rooms only have sub-floor. The wallpaper left on walls is torn and stained. The master bathroom shower is crumbling. There are awkward spots, like the fireplace opening, that have me trying out interesting decorating techniques. The white tile floor that runs through the kitchen and entryway is cracking and impossible to keep clean. 

There are moments when I long to snap my fingers to have everything the way I'd like it and not in this in-between stage. But that's not a reality. Home renovations and updates take time and money and patience. So much patience. 

One of my favorite decorating-extraordinaire ladies, Myquillum Smith (The Nester!) has made it her mission to encourage others to embrace the imperfections of our homes. She wants us to "join her on her quest to love the incomplete and unfinished and mismatched areas of life and home - because after all, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." 

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Be still my heart, I am SO on board with that! 

So I embrace the flaws with gusto and celebrate the process of making a house a home.

I place a favorite hymnal-page wreath over my faux fireplace and smile as I sweep the broom over the not-quite-ever-white tile. I throw a pretty rug onto a bare floor and hang a framed picture over torn wallpapered walls. 

As a homemaker, I have the joy and privilege and responsibility of helping set the tone of my home. So I strive to create a space that's a calm, comfortable, safe place for my dear ones. A place to hang our hats, lay down our heads, and put out jars with hand-plucked flowers. A place to rest and recharge to live and serve others well.  

This house isn't perfect, but perfect for us and we are overwhelmingly thankful for every inch of it. The pretty corners and the chaos and the possibilities.

And the life moments we get to spend here together in this place.

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful blessing!

Real Hope

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