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A Few Pictures for Penny

In June, we will have lived in our "new house" for a whole year. That is 365 days. I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I have only hung three pieces of art total since moving in. Three. All three of these are in Penny's room, until this weekend anyway. I finally got around to some framing and hanging up in here! While this sounds slightly murderous, I assure you that nobody was hurt in the making of this art. I am happy I hung this art. I am ready for some color and character to start entering my house any day now. However, if I am being completely honest with myself, I doubt these frames are here to stay. Penny's room will be changing this summer with the addition of a big girl bed, so this is just for in the meantime. This is something that I need to work on when it comes to decorating and enjoying my home. We have been renovating for almost a year now and will be for most of the next year. I need to start getting over the whole idea that everything needs to be exactly so before I add art and pictures. It is going to take a while for new furniture to be bought and built, and until then I should really enjoy my walls. Even if that means I will need to patch up a nail hole here and there.

Anyway enough soul bearing, I found these two printables online, and they were freesies! I printed them on heavy duty card stock and put them in some cheapo matching frames I bought from Michael's at 50% off with a 25% off my entire order coupon. I think they came to around $7 for both. The first is from here.


The second is from here (thanks to Young House Love for finding that one for me.) This one I colored in with colored pencils.


Here they are in all their framed and hung up glory.


The last piece of art I added is from Josh's sister Maggie. She actually made the watercolor creatures above Penny's dresser as well. Penny loves to look at the birdie when she walks into the room. I love the pop of the green frame with the pink wall.


And for those of you curious, here is a shot of the other side of the room.


Admittedly, there is a TON of work left to do in this room, and like I said before, we will be moving it all around this summer. The art is a little too small. I have a whole wall completely bare. We could really use some closet doors. We need some more patterns and textures. How about a real curtain (that one is about a foot too short!) However if you take a look at the before photo, we have come a loooooong way. I need to look at these pictures more often, especially when I am feeling discouraged by renovation progress. :)


And let's just get a little before and after (for now anyway) action here.


What little updates are you making around your house? Do you have a hard time getting that first thing up, but then get into a groove? Is your decorating also all over the place like mine? Please share!


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