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Most women don’t have supportive Christian women in their lives mentoring them.

We spur women on with the Word of God so that we can approach the Bible with confidence, share Jesus with grace, and speak chatter that matters in a noisy world.

“Let us consider how we may spur one another on…” Hebrews 10:24

A Closer Look at the Holy Hen House Magazine!

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It’s been announced! We are in the beginning stages of creating the Holy Hen House magazine and we need your help to bring it home. If you missed the announcement, click here to read more behind the heart of our publication. This magazine isn’t ours. It’s yours!

The Holy Hen House Magazine is an invitation for women to take a step back from online noise (or any kind!) and dwell in the pages of our seasonal publication inspired by God’s Word.

Our quarterly magazine is a dwelling place for women in every season to be spurred on by the Word of God. You see, it's so much more than a magazine. It's a dwelling place for faith inspiration, prayer lists, ideas, sermon notes and we encourage you to make it your own!

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find inside:


  • 8.5 x 11

  • 64 soft touch matte 70# interior pages

  • Perfect bound (glued at the binding edge) 80# soft touch matte cover

  • No paid advertisements


  • God’s Word

  • Creative Writing | Poetry

  • 6-week Bible Study

  • Women of Faith | Mentor Interview

  • Question + Advice Column

  • HHH Community Chatter

  • Custom Bible Verse Printable Insert to frame

  • Art Study with Historical Background

  • Faith-based Devotionals from Holy Hen House writers or maybe even you!

Publishing a magazine comes with a steep cost. It also requires a certain amount of grit, vision, and we need your help to make the magazine a reality. Want to link arms (wings?) and help us launch? Here's how!

Pray for us. We are so grateful for all the ways God has matured HHH through the years. New things and changes can still be hard. The enemy is working whenever there is a plan for God's glory. Please pray that our aim to reach women's hearts for God's glory may be accomplished and that our team maintains unity through all the decisions and preparations. Jesus is our focus and foundation.

Join our private online HHH community on Facebook. This is where the hen house shines! Women of all ages mentor each other, discuss God’s Word, and get fun sneak peeks of all things Holy Hen House. We will be leading women here how to share our campaign step by step!

RALLY THE FLOCK! LAUNCH is on schedule for Monday, September 23rd! If a Kickstarter does well on the first day it has a greater chance of being featured by Kickstarter! This would be an extra boost of exposure for the magazine to reach more women. If you are interested and able to help us promote the crowdfunding campaign we would be ever so grateful! This magazine would not exist without this community of women! We love seeing women use their gifts and encouraging one another in their faith. Thank you for supporting us through the years and trusting us to try new things. The HHH team is working with all of our heart to craft this with excellence. Printing the first issue comes with large costs and decisions. This is why we are asking for prayers and support as we share this valuable resource. We can't do it alone! Please consider taking action along with your prayers to share our crowdfunding campaign when it goes live. We thank God for you!

Join our online launch party on Monday, September 23rd! We will go live on Facebook for about 30 minutes where you can ask questions, tell us your thoughts about the magazine, and share it with others on our regular HHH Facebook page! Join Amanda and Mel of HHH at 12:30pm CST and say hello!


Want go an extra step with us and get your friends on board?

Save these graphics below and share them during our campaign!

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More announcements, perks, and products for campaign backers to be shared on launch day!



Amanda Rose | Co-Founder, Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief
Mel Kreuser | Co-Founder, Content-Editor
Becky Schermerhorn | Co-Founder, Content-Editor
Ashley Evans | Copy Writer
Rachel Grokowsky | Marketing Director, Products Designer
Ann Jahns | Sales Coordinator, Editor
Katie Blievernicht | Events Manager
Gwen Schroeder | Finance Consultant

HHH MAGAZINE KICKSTARTER is live + 50% funded!

HHH MAGAZINE KICKSTARTER is live + 50% funded!

This Is YOUR Magazine - join the launch!

This Is YOUR Magazine - join the launch!