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8 Hacks to a Practical Laundry Area

8 Hacks to a Practical Laundry Area


Doing laundry is a part of everyday life and it is helpful to add some built-in practical assistanceto make the process simpler.

Organize your laundry area with these hacks:

HackstoaPracticalLaundryArea copy
HackstoaPracticalLaundryArea copy

1. Add a shower rod

In an empty space above your dryer or elsewhere in your laundry room, add a shower rod. Hang specialty cloth items, like silk or linens for air drying or use it to keep ironed clothes wrinkle-free. The rod’s versatility makes it a handy tool to include in a laundry room.

2. Use above the shelf storage

Clothes tend to explode everywhere in a laundry room. Utilize above the shelf storage for keeping items under control. Use separate baskets to store clothes, an iron, extra detergent and fabric softener, as well as sprays to clean stubborn stains. Knowing that these items are in one spot cuts down on your laundry time.

3. Add a floating shelf

Do you have empty space above your washer and dryer or on the opposite wall of your laundry room? Add a floating shelf to store items you need right away, like detergent, bleach and fabric sheets. If there is extra room on the shelf, use it to house towels, linens and extra blankets.

4. Install a built-in drying rack

The dryer is too harsh for certain piece of clothing and require air-drying so the material isn’t damaged. Survey your laundry room for a space where an built-in drying rack will fit comfortably. Dry smaller loads on this rack to save on electric bills.

5. Place corkboards in cupboards for important washing instructions

Are you leaving someone else in charge of laundry duty? Print out instructions and affix them to a corkboards in your cabinets. Stick reminders for your teens when they try to tackle laundry and also use it to jot down items you need to pick up at the grocery store, as well as pinning loose buttons that pop off in the dryer.

6. Use hooks to sort laundry

In smaller laundry rooms, hooks are an effective tool for storage or sorting laundry. Label small bags and let them hang on these hooks. It will eliminate the time in hunting for a particular item and on sorting clothes. Hooks are especially helpful in smaller laundry rooms.

7. Organize socks and miscellaneous items on a door

Are you constantly trying to match a single sock with its pair? With multiple family members, chances are socks will disappear or get lost with other pieces of laundry. Add a few hooks, a string to a door and use mini-clothespins to hang socks and other miscellaneous items on this cute, but functional hack.

8. Use a bookcase to store family member’s clothing in individual bins

It might not be your first choice to put a bookcase in the laundry room, but this type of storage will come in handy to sort out family member’s clothes. Use baskets for your needs and slide them in-between the shelves. The bookcase minimizes the chaos and streamlines the look of your laundry room.

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Jane Blanchard is a blogger, home design geek, and graphic designer from Savannah, GA.  She currently writes for Modernize.com.


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