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5 ways to feel Spring during Winter

5 ways to feel Spring during Winter

SpringtoWinter.jpg Ordinarily, I embrace winter like Rachel with an A+ attitude. If you don't like winter than why are you living in the upper Mid-West, right? Well, last week changed everything for me this season.

We had a very rare and glorious day in the mid 40s. I drove with the windows down, craved a soft served ice cream cone and blew some bubbles in the house with the kids. It was literally a breath of fresh air.

I treasure the glimpse into Spring we had last week as the temperatures have returned to the teens but I don't want it to bring down my Winter attitude.  Join me and get creative!

  1. Purchase spring flowers. I found some lovely potted yellow tulips from Trader Joes for only $2.50. wha? what?!


  2. Bust out the sand toys and play with them in the snow WITH the kids. Pretend you're at the beach and build a snow castle. By the way, this adorable family playing fashionably in the snow... isn't my own. Maybe I can convince my husband to wear a scarf like this dad?


  3. Blow bubbles IN the house. That's right. Be brave and have fun! Oh! You may want to have a towel handy and expect spills. I advise doing this in the kitchen over tile.


  4. Plan dinner for the grill. Tell your husband - he may be so excited that he'll drag out the items and make dinner himself! Win! win!



  5. Make sure that ALL the Christmas and Winter decorations are down. Rearrange the furniture! Also, make sure to ditch all the old candy and cookies left from the holidays. If they are left it's probably a good assumption that they are the kind of sweets you don't really care for anyway. Why pack on the extra junk? You have the kids' Valentine's Day stash to dig through while they are sleeping now anyway... ;)


What are some ways you like to heat things up a bit during Winter? Have any ideas to add to the list?


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